An introduction to The Canal System of The Star Civilisation.

The Canal System was a massive and highly integral part of the Star Civilisation.

It was the equivilent of our road system today.
It connected everything, serving many purposes - as a means of transport, communication and as part of the irrigation system for the mysterious and beautiful Field System.

Many of the StarCiv's larger canals went on to became our major rivers, whilst many of the smaller canals were filled in, to be used as roads by our own societies. The 'straightness' of their canal means that what we assume to be Roman roads are actually StarCiv canals that have been filled in. Many of their smaller canals still exist today - and in great abundunace in parts of the world where 'progress' has been slower to fill them in! Places like India, China and parts of the Middle East are still packed with them.
However, within Europe, The Netherlands is an excellent example of how it all may have looked, because there are so many canal systems left intact. We'll look at all these places, individually, in a series of videos.

The StarCiv canal system is based upon a series of triangulated steps, often with slight curving at the triangular bend. The whole system has a very distinct 'aesthetic' look to it. It seems that triangulation was very important to the StarCiv. They used it in their design - and structures - across the board.

In the case of the canal system, triangulation may have had something to do with the effective control of water. Imagine this - your entire civilisation depends upon water, not only to drink, but also as a means of transport, irrigation for your crops and communication. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that the StarCiv had some means of actually controlling water - they could maybe make it be 'still, unmoving' - many ancient secrets have been lost and this may be one of them.

The StarCiv built their structures, of all kinds, with longevity in mind. To this end, it also looks like the StarCiv was able to create some kind of 'cement' that imitated bedrock, which they used extensively throughout their canal system.

Back to the canal system itself.

Below is an example of the triangulation to look out for:

Google Earth co-ordinates for above image - 51°34'24.00" N 3°47'43.08" E)

This triangulation of the canal system is pretty much adhered to everywhere, especially the larger main canals that fed the smaller canal systems.

The canal system was supported (and possibly controlled) by a number of auxilliary stand-alone structures which were integrated into it.
Here is an example:

52.455361, 4.660722_Zijkanaal A; North Holland_1945.jpg
(Google Earth co-ordinates for above image - 52.455361, 4.660722)
The above picture is from aerial reconnaissance taken during the second world war (1945) and is courtesy of NCAP (https://ncap.org.uk/)

Notice the two structures that are integrated into the canal system? They were directly linked to the major canal (now called a river) and the smaller canal which they serve. Their purpose is still unclear (they may have been pumping stations of some kind, but that is conjecture), but their proximity to the major canal and integration into the system as a whole makes it highly likely that they were used for a purpose.

There are an enormous number of 'footprints' left, even today, of these structures. Though most have been demolished or repurposed, there are traces of them everywhere.

Once you understand that the canal system was everywhere during the StarCiv paradigm, it becomes much easier to see. Many of our rivers have straight sections that are unexplainable, plus there are areas in the world where the canal system was inundated by the event that destroyed the StarCiv, but can still clearly be seen going 'into the sea' where there was once land. This can be uncomfortable to acknowledge, but the fact remains.

There is a video being produced about the canal system in will be available in the videos section shortly.

Recap: the lifeblood of the Star Civilisation was the Canal System. It linked every part of the civilisation to every other. It supplied the Field System with water, although the exact mechanism used is still undiscovered. The canal system, or remnants of it, are everywhere.