The Star Civilisation.


It's been a year now, since I was first made aware of the existence of starforts by Colm Gibney. I stumbled across one of his videos on youtube, quite by chance - and couldn't believe my eyes at what I was seeing. I had little idea of how much it would change my life.

Colms video, linking satellites with starforts, opened up a world I had never imagined possible. Could it be real? Why was this not a known thing?

I decided to find out. Along the way, many strange synchronicities have occured.

This led me to star cities, to the Canal System, to the Field System, to aesthetics, to gardens, to buildings, to ports, to outposts, to old maps and diagrams, to the possibilty of strange and unknown technologies, to geo-engineering and to a history that has been hidden in plain sight.

A different world.

We can only intepret The Star Civilisation from within the paradigm in which we exist.
The StarCiv paradigm was so different to our own that it is difficult to imagine. We can but try.

The StarCiv covered the entire world, as one. It was a unified whole. There were no borders, no wars. They lived in peace.

The various regions around the world had their own unique styles, but all adhered to the overall design and build aesthetics of the unified whole. This included the extensive use of canal systems and field systems which all followed the same basic patterns and building predominantly on elevated land.

The overiding ethos of the StarCiv was to create a world as staggeringly beautiful for all of it's inhabitants as possible. It succeeded.

They were well aware of the nature of existence on Earth - that everything is transitory and can change dramatically at any moment - and as a global society, had come to terms with this.

To this end, they built a world that was in many ways far simpler than our own, yet used technologies to achieve their goals that were more advanced than are widely known today. They had an understanding of how to work with nature, rather than bend it to their will. They created a world of stunning beauty, built to last, to leave to their children, knowing that come what may, they had selflessly contributed to making every other sentient being's time alive as comfortable as possible. It was a very, very different paradigm to the one we have today - so much so that it is difficult to believe that such a mindset existed at all.

Their constructions were built with the pride inherent in a job well done. The massive fortifications associated with starforts have been mistakenly ascribed to war by ourselves - but they were not to defend against each other, but against the forces of Nature herself.

Their cities were linked by an extensive system of canals which served as a transport and communication network - and also as feed system for the magnificent field systems, which were designed for some mysterious purpose. Many of the canal systems are still in worldwide use today, many of the larger became our 'rivers', many lay derelict and many were repurposed as roads - by our civilisation. They surrounded their star cities with immense gardens, so that each day they might awake and be reminded of how staggeringly lucky they were to be alive to witness such beauty. These gardens, laid out in geometric patterns, formed the basis for many street layouts in our own subsequently expanding towns and cities. Beyond the gardens that surrounded the starcity, lay the satellite buildings that ringed the city, the larger the city, the more satellites are present. There is also growing evidence that walls were constructed well beyond the confines of each city, perhaps as far away as several miles.

The scale of engineering required to create this StarCiv world is mind-boggling. Literally unbelievable. There were tens of thousands of star towns and cities, each the equivilent of several pyramid complexes to build, a canal system that had millions of miles of length and a field system that encompassed hundreds of millions of fields. All towns and cities were built on bedrock, the canals were lined and each and every field with the Field System had its own miniature water channels. The gardens surrounding cities were immaculately maintained, as were the dedicated forests integrated within them. The water/canal system served every part of the world, worldwide. Thousands of satellites, tens of thousands of auxiliary buildings, tens of thousands of monuments were built.
Were exotic technologies used in the construction
? We cannot know the unknown, until re-discovered.

All of our ancient history is confused. So-called past civilisations have been invented to conform to the narrative of today.
The StarCiv is all of the ancient civilisations, misunderstood or misinterpreted.

The StarCiv is a massive worldwide phenemonen, lost to memory.
This web site can only scratch the surface of The StarCiv. Much work has been done in the last year - but much is still to be done.

All of the terms used on this site have had to be invented, there are no reference materials available.

Here are a few more commonly used:
Star = star town or city, 4 or 5-point star, long thinny star
Long thinny = The StarCiv liked to build long, thin towns or outposts on the top of hills. It seemed an appropriate name.
Outpost = a smaller Starciv building, often called a 'redoubt' by our civilisation. They were not 'redoubts'.
Starport = a coastal or inland port that integrated within the canal system.
Organic street type = the shape of StarCiv building layout within towns and cities. (See cities)
Satellites (named by Colm Gibney) = the buildings that surround many star towns and cities.
AUXILIARY buildings (also known as Oggs) = the buildings that served the field and canal system.

A series of videos about the various elements of the StarCiv is being prepared. Check the videos page for more content.



05 Feb 2020.

They lived in a state of harmony that is barely conceivable to our minds, today. There was no money, no trade, no commerce. Each individual made a decision - to work for the greater good, or to think for the greater good, or create for the greater good.
In a healthy, balanced society, there are those people that want to work, to feel that what they produce is of benefit to the community - and it was these people that produced the food and goods to furnish the society with what they needed. They slept well knowing that their work had kept the society alive and well and flourishing. And flourish it did.
They also looked to the future - they realised and lived with the knowledge that we live in a highly volatile reality, that we awaken each morning to a new day, not knowing what comes next. They knew that on the distant horizon, a peril lurked - and they built their cities and infrastructure so that we might have the best start possible, after the cataclysm had struck. They built all of their structures on bedrock, to assure the best possible chance of survival. They designed their structures to repel water, whilst retaining a beauty of design that is unsurpassed today. They were infinitely more wise than ourselves, yet we consider ourselves the most advanced yet. The irony is palpable.
They thought of us, as they built an exquisite world in which to live their lives, yet we do not even acknowledge their existence.