Satellite buildings of the StarCiv.

Satellites are the buildings that can be found surrounding many StarCiv towns and cities.
They are all different - every single one of them - yet they all share similar characteristics that sets them apart as satellites.

They all seem to face (or face away from, depending on your point of view) from a star city or town.
They tend to form a circle around the city.
(This is a generalisation and there are exceptions to the rule, especially at larger starcities.)

A simple diagram showing how satellites 'ring' a city or town..

The distance between the satellites and the heart of the city seems to vary, dependant on the size the city itself - the larger the city, the further away the satellites reside. In a megalopolis city like Paris, Amsterdam or Budapest, the satellites could be up to 12km away from the central core of the city. Generally, the satellites lie at roughly equal distance from one another, around the circumference of the imaginary circle.

In some cases they are unevenly distributed at different circumferential distances and sometimes, they are mixed with auxiliary buildings.

It appears that diversity was very important to StarCiv, in respect to the build styles. As already stated, no two are ever exactly the same, so each one must have been designed specifically and individually. For what exact purpose is unclear.

Orphan satellites.

Occasionally, an 'orphan' satellite can be found in the middle of the countryside or on a hilltop, all on its own.
These satellite-style buildings, especially their location, remain even more of an enigma than regular satellites.

Not so 'orphaned' satellites, as it transpires.

Equally, satellites can be found that appear to be 'orphan', except that on closer inspection, the site of a lost starcity can be revealed (even though little to nothing is left of it), because of the direction that the satellite is facing toward.

If you found a couple or more satellites within close proximity to one another and they 'pointed' to a location (i.e. their flat edge faced a certain direction), there is a good chance that there was once a town or city in the 'x' position.

Sometimes, around larger cities, the satellites curl out in a spiral pattern. The reason for this is unclear.
Also, sometimes 4 and 5-point stars are mixed in with the satellites circling a city, especially at larger cities.

Here is a close-up aerial shot of a satellite on the outskirts of Paris, taken in 1945:

This satellite, like so many, appear to have been covered in earth or mud. It is unclear whether the StarCiv covered them, or whether they were covered during one of the two mudding/silting events that occured in the past few centuries.
Note the presence of 'mini-fields' surrounding the immediate boundary of the satellite - and in fact, further beyond in the fields surrounding the satellite. Mini-fields are looked at in the field system section.

To summarise - satellites are an enigma as to their purpose, yet they surround many star towns and cities. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each one unique and individual, but all adhering to the design aesthetic. They were all surrounded by canals that linked them into the overall system.