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The strange tale of Field Effect.

I should warn you now, I am quite insane. Bear with me, this will take some time to explain.

It began on the 9th July 2009. I was a perfectly normal person up until that day, or so I thought. I hope I still am, but it's doubtful :)

I was sitting at my desk working from home, when I had an extremely sharp pain in my head. I slumped off my chair, onto the floor - and fell unconscious. I awoke a few minutes later and everything had changed.

From that moment forward, I have had a sound in my head so loud, that for the first three weeks after it happened, I was unable to leave my bed. It literally crushed every single waking moment into a torture of cacophonous noise. I wished for death during those early weeks, but I had a family that loved and supported me through it. They still do.

At the same time, the images began to form. To this day, whenever I close my eyes, I see images. I have seen millions of them.

In 2012, I decided to start recreating some of the images I was seeing. I had never painted before, so I chose watercolour because it seemed the easiest medium to use - when considering I had many, many images to recreate.

I painted between 2012 to 2017. Whilst painting them, I never had any idea of what any of the images might be - and to an extent, I still don't. However, when each individual image was finished, it kind of reminded me of something different every time. So I started naming them all. The strange thing is, different people see different things within each picture, no two people see the same thing. They may see the same as another person once the other person has pointed it out.Some people see nothing at all.

Each individual painting is the size of a credit card. They are amalgamated into 'sets' of paintings that are either 9, 12, 16 or 20 in total. Each individual painting has a name - and each amalgam of paintings has an ensemble name.

I gave an early painting (no.4) to a friend as a birthday gift and he immediately said - 'that's Binary'. I asked what he meant and he replied 'it's a visual representation of binary code - that's weird'. He had unwittingly named the entire series of paintings for me. (Thanks, Paul).
This was to lead to a series of events and realisations that have left me reeling over the years.

So, the series of paintings was named Binary. This was around the time I painted no.5. When I painted no.24 RDSBLD (The Recently Discovered Space Between Light and Dark) a thought occured to me - we live in a binary reality. The painting had literally spoken to me. From this realisation, the theory of 3state was born. I won't go into it too deeply, but the basic premise is that there is a hidden state in between any two opposing, balancing states. When anything moves to it's opposite state (which happens to  everything, everywhere, all the time), it passes through the third state as a point of reference, so that it 'knows' what opposing state to change to. 3state explains an awful lot of things, but I won't go into that, here.

Painting no.56 (Crystalline Structure) was around the time I conjoined with the third state personally. I won't tell you how, because it's one of The Things No One Talks About, but suffice to say, it's pretty neat. 3state gives you answers to questions that you didn't know to ask, then you have to work out the question, which, most of the time is pretty obvious. Some aren't.

Time also works differently for me now, since 3state. The past bleeds back to the now, but of course it does, it's the opposing, balancing force of forward time. No time travel will be possible I'm afraid, because we already experience every day, to an extent.

There have been many other 'mind adventures' along the way, but I'll save those for another time.

In 2017, I stopped painting. No idea why, I just did. Done enough, I suppose. I may go back to it, someday.

Forward to Jan 2019.

I stumbled across Colm's video on youtube about satellites that surround starforts. Mind blown. Downloaded GoogleEarth a few minutes later, scanned over the Earth and BANG - saw the canals, the fields, the sats, the oggs, the water storage, the inland port systems, the gardens, the mini-fields, the aesthetic, the layout, the everything.

It had all been hidden in plain sight - in my paintings.


Okay, so what is 'Field Effect'?

I immediately fell in love with The Field System. It's so awesomely beautiful, simple, yet complex - and really artsitic in it's layout.

I was particularly enjoying looking at the aerial photography of the field systems in Germany in the 1940's. Then I noticed something strange. And here's where it gets complex - when the 2 events occured  (the first, pretty much destroying, the second, burying much of what was left), the canal system and irrigation channels of the field system were full of water. It meant that when the silt and mud of the second event cascaded in, much of it was stopped at the boundaries of the canals and field waterways, diluting the debris and washing it away along the channels. This, in turn, meant that many 'straight lines' were created at the boundaries of the remaining field system, because the StarCiv used a system of straight lines and triangulation in it's canal and field system design.
I might have to make a video explaining this, as it sounds a bit confusing. Anyway, the result is - by co-incidence I assume - that many fields of The Star Civilisation contain 'hidden' pictures. Much like my paintings.

The resulting 'Field Effect' videos are what I see hidden in those field systems. Much like my paintings.

Time is weird, I assure you.